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Horn Media Group was established in 1996 and are based in Oslo, Norway. Inititally the company started out as a publishing house working together with the Norwegian government, it’s ministries and the largest trade organisations. The purpose was to market the Norwegian industries worldwide in the hope of export growth.

Following the over-whelming success’ of these projects, the company expanded to extend these services for different nations across the globe. After 20 + years of servicing companies, governments and trade organisations, Horn Media Group can be counted on as a specialist in all areas of marketing.

As the world became more digitalized, the company followed suit. We continue the work that we are reknown for in producing exclusive hardback books for the many industries we serve and we are delighted to still be regarded as the best company when it comes to exhibition marketing. However, we now offer a full digital arm to the business, specialising in SEO, Google AdWords and structuring full and targeted marketing campaigns. Most importantly our digital team builds 100’s of new template and customised websites for companies/organisations each year and with our glowing reviews and the most competitive prices on the market, it is no surprise we are building a reputation that extends further than being known just as the ‘Premier industry publisher’ of Scandinavia.

Having worked across numerous industries and markets, Horn Media Group has the know-how, the work force and the contacts to help grow your business.

So whether you require a new website, industry targeted marketing, SEO, Ad campaigns or Printing services, Horn Media Group has the tools to help you achieve your goals faster

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